Turquoise - December Birthstone

December officially has three birthstones, Turquoise, Tanzanite and Zircon, all of which are known for their vibrant blue colours. However, if boho chic is your style, we can’t recommend Turquoise enough, and we’ll help you learn all about this ancient gemstone. 
december birthstone sterling silver turquoise adjustable ring

December officially has three birthstones, Turquoise, Tanzanite and Zircon, all of which are known for their vibrant blue colours. However, if boho chic is your style, we can’t recommend Turquoise enough, and we’ll help you learn all about this ancient gemstone. 

History of Turquoise

People have been making Turquoise Jewellery since 3000 BCE, when the Ancient Egyptians would carve the gemstone into the shape of a scarab beetle, or inlay it into gold rings and necklaces. Turquoise has been found in many Egyptian tombs, and adorning the sarcophagi of important people. Most famously, King Tutankhamun’s burial mask was covered with Turquoise stones.

Almost every civilization has seen the value, both physically and spiritually, of Turquoise. The Persians set pieces of the gemstone into their horses’ bridles, believing it would grant them victory in battle. 

Turkish merchants travelled for years to bring Turquoise to Europe, knowing that the nobles in the west would pay handsomely for this exotic stone.

For Native Americans, Turquoise gemstones were a driving force of their way of life for centuries, and are still a huge part of their culture today. Silver jewellery, belt buckles, traditional dress and even some bows and firearms, can be found set with Turquoise.

In South America, the Aztecs believed Turquoise had protective power and was symbolic of the gods, so decorated shields, weapons, and ceremonial items with the gemstone.

Spiritual Properties of Turquoise

The associations Turquoise held in Ancient cultures still prevail today in modern times. Protection, wisdom, enduring love, tranquillity, justice and hope are all housed in this powerful sea-stone. It has quickly become known as the “Travellers Stone” as it is said to offer protection whether you travel by horse, car, plane or train.

Turquoise is also known for helping to develop your self-actualisation skills, balancing creativity with logic, and negative criticism with a positive outlook. This also helps your own self image, allowing you to acknowledge your weaknesses and strengths in a practical and constructive light.

Is my Turquoise real?

Unfortunately, Turquoise’s long history means that a lot of the historic mines are now running dry of their gemstone deposits. Mines in New Mexico and Arizona are still finding genuine Turquoise, but other older mines are struggling after centuries of use. With demand just as high as it has ever been, some companies have turned to alternatives that look close enough to Turquoise, most customers never question its authenticity.

The main gemstone used for this is Howlite, which is naturally white, and takes dye very well. Dyed Howlite is much cheaper than Turquoise, can be dyed any colour, and is a very soft stone. Using these differences is how you tell true Turquoise jewellery from Dyed Howlite.

Whilst Turquoise can be found in different shades, it will always be a blue-green colour. So if you see “Turquoise” that is bright yellow or pink, it is not Turquoise.

Similarly, it can sometimes be possible to see the natural white of the Howlite where the stone has been dyed cheaply and quickly. Always check the edges of the setting, and the back of the stone if possible, for flecks of white.

The price of a jewellery piece is also telling. If you find Turquoise jewellery and think the price is too good to be true, it most likely is. The delicacy of the design, and other materials used can also impact the price, but it is good practice to be suspicious of any company flaunting the cheapness of their gemstones. 

What is the December star sign?

The zodiac sign associated with the beginning of December is Saggitarius. Those born under this star sign ten to be ambitious, fiercely independent and joyful spirits. However, they also have an unfortunate tendency to overdo their commitments, and burn themselves out trying to accomplish all their goals at once. This makes Turquoise a wonderful stone for Saggitarius as it has a connection to water, and so it calms the fiery nature of this sign, preventing them from making promises they can’t keep (as much as they want to). 

The later half of December is when Capricorn rules. Capricorns are known for being workaholics, which has its strengths and weaknesses. Determined, pragmatic and generous are some of Capricorn's best qualities. Unfortunately, this also means they can be cynical, pessimistic and dismissive of other people’s ideas. Turquoise works differently for Capricorns than it does for Saggitarius. Instead of a calming effect, Turquoise focuses on communication and clarity for Capricorns, allowing them to see past negative thoughts.

Gifts for December Birthday

Birthstone jewellery always makes a wonderful present, especially if it suits the recipients style and taste. We are very proud to offer multiple boho chic designs featuring Turquoise in Sterling Silver, perfect for the Capricorn or Sagittarius in your life. 

Our most popular ring is the Adjustable Gemstone range. Perfect for stacking, these are available with Turquoise, and have a delicate and subtle design on the band. The fact that they are fully adjustable means you don’t need to worry about it not fitting, and for younger gemstone enthusiasts, this ring can expand as they grow.

We also have our elegant Silver Gemstone range, which feature two rings of Sterling Silver connected by a vibrant cut of Turquoise. This ring has ultimate bohemian vibes, and will help complete any outfit, making it a wonderful gift for any fashion conscious December birthday. Completely smooth on the inside, with an open back setting for the gemstone, this ring is comfortable and light for everyday wear.  

For a more personal touch to your boho jewellery, we recommend our Initial and Birthstone Necklace. This classic design features a Sterling Silver ball chain, to prevent any tangling, and two Silver charms with the letter and gemstone of your choice. The Turquoise itself is cut into an elegant triangle, with a subtle shine that shows the quality of the stone, set securely in Sterling Silver. A truly thoughtful gift, this necklace will show any December birthday how much you care for them.

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