Peridot - August Birthstone

Here we’ll tell you all about the symbolism of Peridot, how it can help you in your spiritual realm. What is a Peridot? What is the history of Peridot? What is the spiritual meaning of Peridot? What star sign does Peridot have? What to wear with Peridot jewellery? Peridot makes perfect gifts for August Birthdays.
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Welcome to our all about Peridot article! Here we’ll tell you all about the symbolism of Peridot, how it can help you in your spiritual realm, and lots of fun facts that will help you understand the vast depth of your gemstones. Not sure what to wear with your boho chic Peridot jewellery? We’ve got your back! We have included some tips on  colour schemes and patterns to make your Peridot POP!

What is a Peridot?

Peridot (pronounced pe-ri-do) is a very uniquely formed gemstone. Found only in specific areas of China, Vietnam, Egypt, Myanmar and the USA, it is made of a mineral called olivine which gives it the vibrant green colour it is known for. 

Peridot comes in a few different varieties, categorised by the colour, clarity and country of origin. The most valuable Peridots come from the Changbai province of China, as these gems are thought to have the clearest cut and brightest colours. However, this does not mean that Peridots from other places are sub-par. 

Since the 1990’s most raw Peridots have come from Vietnam, where they are found in a huge range of green and yellow tones, making them the most popular choice for jewellery and other uses.

Other notable varieties are the Burmese Peridot, as it is the only type available in large carats, and the Hebei Peridot, which has a distinctly more yellow hue than other types of the gemstone.

What is the history of Peridot?


First found by the ancient Egyptians on the island of Zabargad, now known as St. John’s Island, they associated Peridot with the goddess of natural beauty, spring and youthfulness, Isis. It has also been discovered that the green gems Cleopatra was famous for wearing were actually Peridots, not Emeralds as originally thought.

From Egypt, Peridots spread throughout the Greek and Roman empires, and eventually Christian crusaders found the Zabargad Peridot mines, bringing the gemstone to Europe.

Peridot is used to represent purity in the Bible, and for centuries it has adorned the clothes of high-ranking members of the Catholic Church.

What is the spiritual meaning of Peridot?

It has long been believed that Peridots are connected to nature, and as such are proactive and lively stones. They are said to be incredibly lucky, bringing wealth, creativity and good friendships to the wearer. It can also help centre your energy and regulate physical, emotional and mental cycles. 

They are also known as the stone of rebirth and renewal, used to strengthen relationships both new and old, by breathing new life and love into them. It is for this reason that Peridot is considered the stone of 16th anniversaries. 

However its most important quality is the protection it offers from jealous thoughts and disturbed sleep. This belief comes from how calming the stone is, as it frees the mind from envy that would ruin relationships and mental well being. It also has a mystical quality that fuels this belief. If a Peridot is put underneath a torch or lamp during the night, you will find that it glows in the dark, keeping night terrors away. 

What star sign does Peridot have?

Peridot is the August birthstone, but will have a different effect on your mental state depending on when in the month you were born, as your zodiac sign will be different. Before the 23rd is Leo’s time, and those born in it are known for being passionate, confident and creative. However, with such a fiery temperament Leo’s are also prone to make quick judgements or find it hard to regulate their emotions. Peridot pairs well with Leo’s as it exudes a calming aura that helps these fire signs keep their cool, as well as bringing out the best of their lively and caring personalities.

Those born after the 23rd have Virgo as their star sign. The earth ruled counterpart to Leos fire, Virgos share the creativity and confidence often seen in Leos. However, Virgos are infamous for their perfectionist nature and organisation skills, as well as having a deep connection to nature. This works wonderfully with Peridot as the gem heightens this connection, and keeps high-strung Virgos grounded.

What to wear with Peridot jewellery?

Being such a distinctive colour, it can be hard to know how best to style your Peridot jewellery, but we at Fairley Bohemian are here to help. If your Peridot has a true green colour, we recommend making it the statement feature of an earth tones outfit. Brown, tan, cream and pastel greens will further your connection to mother nature, as well as compliment your Peridot boho jewellery.

However, if bold hippie chic is more to your taste, pair a yellow toned Peridot with bold purple and maroon prints, so that the darker colours contrast with the sun-gem and make it shine all the brighter. A busy pattern with a bright spot will draw the eye to it, and make the most of your Peridot. 

Gifts for August Birthdays

Peridot is a perfect gift for a Leo or Virgo as it shows you care about their mental and spiritual well being. Our adjustable gemstone range makes a wonderful present, as you do not need to worry about the fit, and it features a stunningly clear cut of Peridot with a delicate design. A more affordable option, these rings are especially appreciated by younger jewellery and birthstone enthusiasts, as it will expand to fit comfortably as they grow.

For a more personal touch, we have our Personalised Initial and Birthstone Necklaces. These Sterling Silver sets feature a chain, initial charm, and birthstone, all of your choice. This necklace will show that you truly care for the recipient, and thought only of them when choosing a gift. Specifically designed to showcase the charms, the .925 sterling silver chain features small dividers to stop tangles, and the charms themselves have wide bails to prevent any breakages. 

The elegant setting of the stone also makes this the perfect piece of classy everyday jewellery, elevating any casual outfit to new levels of chic.

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