Citrine & Topaz - November Birthstones

Welcome to our information article all about the November birthstones, Topaz and Citrine! Here we’ll explain why November has two recognised birthstones, as well as their spiritual meanings and uses. We’ll also dive into the history of these gorgeous gems.
Citrine & Topaz - November Birthstones

Welcome to our information article all about the November birthstones, Topaz and Citrine! Here we’ll explain why November has two recognised birthstones, as well as their spiritual meanings and uses. We’ll also dive into the history of these gorgeous gems, let you know the best way to wear your November boho chic jewellery, and give advice on gifts for the Scorpios and Sagittarius birthdays in your life.

Why does November have two birthstones?

The practice of wearing one gemstone for every month of the year is an ancient one, the origins of which are still being researched today. However, the modern birthstone chart was finalised in 1912, when the Jewelers of America assigned each month its gemstones in an effort to regulate their production. 

Topaz is the original, more traditional, November birthstone. Whilst Citrine is the newer 1912 alternative, to help combat the rising rarity and costs in Topaz production. This does not mean that one is better than the other, simply that there is more choice for those born in November for how they want to express themselves and balance their zodiac traits.

What star sign is November?

Every month actually has two star signs of the zodiac associated with it, depending on the date. Scorpio runs until the 22nd, and those born under it are known for their passion and drive in accomplishing their goals. Citrine is a wonderful stone for a Scorpio, as it can help them focus on which goal to pursue, avoiding stress and burn out. I will also heighten their creativity and allow them to be more spontaneous. 

Topaz is also incredibly helpful for Scorpios, as the calming stone will keep their mental wellbeing in balance and stop them from being overwhelmed with emotion. White Topaz in particular is good for Scorpios, as it is associated with the moon. This makes it the perfect companion stone for fiery Scorpio birthdays.

After the 22nd Sagittarius is the ruling star sign. Those born under this sign tend to be full of contradictions. They wish to avoid loneliness, but shy from commitment. They are usually open-minded, but their impulsiveness often gives the opposite impression. Topaz is thought to be a lucky stone for Sagittarius as it stimulates the mind and boosts communication skills, as well as bringing health and happiness to the wearer.

Citrine is also good for Saggitarius, especially if they feel stuck or stagnant in life. Citrine will give more self confidence and focus to a Sagittarius’ active energy.

Gifts for a November birthday

Jewellery is always a wonderful gift, especially if it says something about the wearer’s style. Our gemstone collection is perfect for any November born boho chic enthusiast, whether they prefer the modern Citrine or traditional Topaz. 

Our highly popular Citrine ring features an exquisitely clear cut of gemstone, set into an elegant and classic design. It is perfect for dressing up a casual outfit or accessorising formal wear. With an opening along the bottom line, the Sterling Silver setting allows the stone to release all its best energies, and reduces bulkiness on the finger.

A popular option for birthdays is also our adjustable range, as they eliminate any worries about ring size. Available with Citrine or White Topaz for November birthdays, they feature a delicate stamped design around the band, and an oval cut stone set securely in Sterling Silver. A perfect gift to be worn everyday and bring out the best of Scorpios and Sagittarius’.

Our personalised Birthstone and Initial Necklace is also highly recommended for a November birthday present. Simply choose the Initial and Gemstone of your choice, and we will thread them onto a Sterling Silver chain designed to showcase both charms without tangling. All our boho charms are also made of solid Sterling Silver, and all our set gemstones are quality checked before shipping, so you can be assured your gift will make a lasting impression of luxury.

What is Citrine used for spiritually?

Citrine has been known by many names over the centuries, such as the Merchant’s Stone or The Light Stone, however Citrine is its oldest and most accurate name. Derived from the RomanLatin word for Lemon, it was so named for its stunning orange-yellow colour. This colour also symbolises the sun's rays and summer months, making Citrine a perfect bringer of joy and warmth to whoever wears it. 

It also acts as a balancer in times of stress, and uplifts the spirit in both creativity and outlook. Having citrine around you all year round guarantees wealth and prosperity through the cold winter months, and a bright enjoyable summer season.

A little known fact about Citrine is that it is one of the rarest gemstones to find naturally, as it is actually an Amethyst that has been exposed to extreme heat. For this reason it is sometimes called Burnt Amethyst, and in many Victorian jewellery pieces Citrine is paired with Amethyst details.

Spiritual meaning of White Topaz?

The associations of Topaz can be traced back to Roman mythology, as they believed that stepping foot on Topazios Island in the Red Sea would grant you protection on adventures, good health, and reconciliation in lost relationships. In modern times, White Topaz is specifically known as the Manifestation stone, as it promotes self-confidence and individuality. 

It can centre and focus your thoughts, allowing you to reach your goals much more efficiently, and recognise what you want from life with more clarity.

What to Wear with Citrine Jewellery?

Yellow and Orange are the perfect autumn colours, but with the right combination can be used to complete a summer boho vibe, or create a mysterious wintery look. 

Take a leaf out of the Victorians book, and pair Citrine with rich purples for an elegant and bold outfit that will have the gemstone at the centre point. For ultimate bohemian vibes, look for yellow and purple prints in large swirling designs, to be paired with simple but statement jewellery.

In the summer, lighter more natural colours will suit your Citrines, such as green, pink or a light brown. This will compliment the stone’s sunny tone, and help you bring joyful energy wherever you go. Staples of a hippie boho summer outfit will always be floaty loose lines and voluminous skirts. Look for maxi dresses and skirts, as well as ruffled or open neck blouses, to really show off your sun coloured Citrine jewellery.

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