Ethical vs Mined Diamonds

Why should we not support the diamond trade? Read about the history of the diamond trade explained in 7 points. Are diamonds bad for the planet? Yes. Does the diamond trade lead to human rights abuse, child-labour, enslavement, torture and murder? Unfortunately, yes. Buy man-made diamonds. Be the change.
Ethical vs Mined Diamonds
7 reasons to choose man-made instead of mined:

1 - Today, over two thirds of the world’s diamonds are owned by one company, De Beers, resulting in civil war for it’s fight over diamond control. 

    2 - The diamond trade is born to slavery, abuse, child-labour, rape and the murder of millions amongst civil-wars across African nations. Thus underpinning the name ‘blood diamond’ that still dominates 25% of the diamonds sold today across the world. 

      3 - The diamond industry’s attempt to fight blood diamonds and regulate the trade, led to the founding of the Kimberley Process in 2003. However, they fail to take action against corrupt governments that continue their barbarous crimes today.

        4 - Even after the human rights abuse, child-labour, enslavement, torture and murder caused by the diamond industry in Zimbabwe, the Kimberley Process has certified these diamonds to be shipped to consumers worldwide, making way to a falsely ‘regulated diamond’. 

          5 - Diamonds remain a severe humanitarian problem. De Beers currently operate off dated contracts granting their control over African nations and their mines resulting in decreased revenues for the nations and an increased desperation for resources.  In 2013, a civil war in Central African Republic detonated as fights for diamond resources prevailed killing thousands of people.

            6 - Whilst the demand for the diamond trade continues to increase and the regulators cease to take control the fight will continue over the valueless piece of carbon. 

              7 - As demand continues to increase, mining moves towards faraway destinations – and its environmental impact is often underestimated. This especially pertains to soil erosion, deforestation, forced migration, and animal species endangerment (all of which are delicately intertwined).

              So now you know why we should not be supporting the diamond trade... what should you be looking out for when purchasing man-made ethical diamonds?


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