Sapphire - September Birthstone

Do you want to know all about Sapphires? We’ve got you covered! This article will take you through everything you need to know about Sapphires, including all its uses outside of jewellery, its spiritual meanings, and how to style them to suit your boho chic taste.
Sapphire and Turquoise Necklace with Initial Personalised Gift

Do you want to know all about Sapphires? We’ve got you covered! This article will take you through everything you need to know about Sapphires, including all its uses outside of jewellery, its spiritual meanings, and how to style them to suit your boho chic taste.

What is a Sapphire?

A Sapphire is a gemstone known for its rich blue colour. However, a common misconception is that all Sapphires are blue. Gemstone experts will actually classify a gem based on how it has formed, and the properties it possesses, other than the colour. As such, Sapphires can also be found naturally in black, grey, pink and orange, but these may have different names depending on where in the world you are, and are much rarer than the blue we all know and adore. Parti-colour Sapphires also exist, where two colours, usually blue and yellow, can be seen in separate bands within one stone. These are incredibly rare and expensive, and so not suited to everyday wear.

What are Sapphires used for?

A little known fact about Sapphire is that it is the third hardest gemstone, after Diamond and Moissanite. This means it is often created in laboratories for uses outside of jewellery, such as components in electricals, durability in windows, infra-red technology, and the blue pigment in blue LED lights. Whilst this may sound amazing, these Sapphires are often microscopic in size and uncut, so have very little value as a gemstone. 

Spiritually, sapphires are thought to protect from jealousy and ill-will, especially of a manipulative kind. It is also believed to have cooling properties which makes it good for those born under sun birth signs, as they tend to run hot both physically and mentally.

What star sign is Sapphire for?

Sapphire connects to the month of September, during which Virgo rules until the 22nd, when Libra takes over. For virgos, sapphires offer clarity and observance, which is very helpful to the perfectionist personality that is common for this star sign. It can also help exacting Virgos be more thoughtful in their relationships, as fierce independence is both a blessing and a curse for those born under this sign.

If you are born later in the month, Sapphire will have a different effect on your Libra personality traits. As an air sign, Libras tend to be diplomatic and charming people. This is both a positive and negative thing, as they can make lifelong friends easily, but can also be prone to excessive flirting. Sapphires help combat this by encouraging spirituality and self-reflection in Libras, so that they may evaluate their relationships more clearly.

What does Sapphire symbolise?

Sapphire has long been thought of as a symbol of Royalty. Since the Middle Ages, Kings and Queens have used their considerable power to find and show off the best Sapphires that could be found. The stunning blue gem was also coveted by the ancient Greeks and Persians for its colour and lustre, having been mentioned in many historic writings.

It has also always been popular in engagement rings for its promotion of trust, integrity and good temper. The most recent example of this is the teardrop Sapphire and Diamond ring owned by the late Princess Diana, now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Other notable Sapphires in history include the Star of Bombay, a cabochon cut star sapphire given to silent film actress Mary Pickford by her husband Douglas Fairbanks. It now sits in the Smithsonian Museum for all to see and admire. 

Even further back in history, Napoleon Bonaparte gave his first wife Josephine a Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring before leaving for Milan with the French army. Although both gems weigh less than one carat, the historic significance and Toi et Moi setting make it a piece worth seeing.

What to wear with Sapphire jewellery?

Our bohemian gemstone necklaces feature a stunning rough cut of the precious gem, which is perfect for promoting the energy of the stone and bringing a hippie vibe to your look! 

Or go for our personalised birthstone necklace, which features a cut Sapphire charm in a Sterling Silver setting. This is a sleek option for brightening up any casual outfit, and adding a hint of royalty to everyday life!

To stand out from the crowd, pair the deep blue Sapphire with coral, pink and orange tones which will complement each other, especially in the summer. For a true boho chic look, go for flowing blouses, ruffled maxi skirts, and large busy prints. 

In the winter, make your Sapphire the centre point of your outfit by pairing it with block colours. A Sterling Silver and Sapphire necklace, with a black, white, emerald, or coral jumper will make for an eye-catching look.

For formal occasions, channel the generations of royals who have worn Sapphires before you. Look for deep, rich blues and long, elegant lines that will give you a graceful and effortless look. 

How to tell if a Sapphire is real?

The best and most accurate way to value your Sapphire stones is to take it to a certified gemologist to be appraised. However, there are some home tests you can do to make sure you have a genuine gemstone and not a glass copy.

The light test is a good place to start. While in total darkness, shine a torch or flashlight into the stone. If it refracts into a rainbow of colours, unfortunately you have blue glass not a gemstone. In Sapphires the light shown should be the same colour as the stone.

The breath test is also fairly easy to do. Fog up the stone with your breath and watch how long it takes to clear. A true Sapphire will return to its colour almost instantly, whilst a synthetic copy will take much longer.

Another quick and simple way to tell if your Sapphires are real is to look for inclusions and impurities in the stone. A real gemstone should have both cloudy and clear parts, striation lines, and a solid colour. If your stone is completely clear or has parts that sparkle in a variety of colours, it is not likely to be a real Sapphire. 

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