Rose Quartz - October Birthstone

We’ve put together this quick and easy guide to the meanings and symbolism of the most popular October stone, Rose Quartz. But that’s not all! We’ve also included answers to all your FAQs about Rose Quartz, and what to pair with it for ultimate boho chic vibes.
Rose Quartz Statement Ring

Are you an October birthday confused about your birthstone? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve put together this quick and easy guide to the meanings and symbolism of the most popular October stone, Rose Quartz. But that’s not all! We’ve also included answers to all your FAQs about Rose Quartz, and what to pair with it for ultimate boho chic vibes.

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is fairly common, but highly prized gemstone. It is a pink variation of the Quartz mineral, which can be found all over the world in a huge range of colours. It is one of the only gemstones that is very hard to cut into a faceted stone, as the delicate colour is usually lost in the process. For this reason faceted Rose Quartz pieces are much harder to find when compared to cabochons or beads. 

It is also sometimes known as Hyalite Quartz, named from the Greek ‘Hyalos’, meaning glass. This is because Pink Quartz can be so clear and soft in colour that it looks like glass. It can also be found in strong fuschia or purple tones, as well as the femine pale pink it is famous for.

What does Rose Quartz symbolise?

Much like the flowers of the same name, Rose Quartz is the gem of love. It encourages romanticism in both platonic and more intimate relationships by opening your heart. It is also known to improve self-love, making it a wonderful gift for October birthdays. Particularly popular with pregnant women, it is said to protect both mother and baby by boosting maternal affection and putting caring and kind vibes into the world.

Rose Quartz also has a rich and varied history, as a multitude of cultures revered it for making peace between enemies. The ancient Greeks associated Rose Quartz with the goddess Aphrodite, who reigned over love and fertility. They believed that the gemstone was created when Aphrodite held her dying lover, Adonis, and their combined blood stained regular white quartz to turn it pink.

The Romans also had their interpretation of Rose Quartz’s origins. They believed that Cupid himself brought Rose Quartz down to Earth from the heavens, to inspire love and kindness in humanity.

What is the October birthstone?

October actually has two official birthstones, leaving a lot of poor Libras and Scorpios rather confused. Historically, Opal is the birthstone of October, however this was changed in 1952 when the National Association of Jewelers standardised the list of birthstones. They worried that Opals were too fragile and hard to find, and so production of them could not keep up with the demand. With this in mind, they added the Pink Tourmaline. The Tourmaline gemstone can come in many colours, however Pink is the only accepted colour for an October birthstone. 

More recently, this has changed again. As Rose Quartz has grown in popularity it is becoming a more accepted alternative to Pink Tourmaline, as it has a much deeper meaning and spiritual value. 

How does Rose Quartz affect my star sign?

Depending on when in October you were born, you will have a different zodiac star sign, and so certain gemstones will affect you differently. Before the 23rd October your star sign is Libra, and Rose Quartz is one of the best stones to compliment your personality. Libras are famously charming, but often struggle to see their own wants and needs clearly, especially in relationships. Rose Quartz will exaggerate your already loving and flirtatious nature, but also bring the clarity to see when a relationship isn’t the right one. 

For the second half of October, Scorpios should use Rose Quartz to prevent jealous and controlling thoughts. Scorpios are notoriously private people, and Rose Quartz is wonderful for allowing them to open up to new romantic, and platonic, relationships.

How to style Rose Quartz jewellery…

This delicate and feminine gem lends itself beautifully to bohemian outfits, especially for date nights and casual days out. Being pink it is also very versatile, and can be styled with a range of colours, so no need to find a whole new wardrobe to match your boho Rose Quartz jewelry!

Make a statement with our chunky Quartz ring, featuring a gorgeous true pink cut of the stone. This ring works particularly well if you need some strong hippie vibes in your life, as it looks amazing with bold prints and strong colours. Combine it with warm tones such as pink, orange, red and green to really connect with nature and get the most out of your bohemian jewellery. 

For a more femininel look, pair our elegant gemstone double rings with crisp and summery white. Long flowing dresses will look particularly good for this effect, elevating the romantic meaning of the Rose Quartz and invoking the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. 

Want something more traditional for your boho aesthetic? No worries! Our gorgeous Opal Rings are comfortable and simple in their design, with a kaleidoscope of colours in them to match any outfit. 

We also have our Gem Spin range, featuring three Pink Tourmaline stones and a tibetan inspired swirl design. These rings are the perfect combination of our gemstone and spinner ring collections, a great idea for indecisive Libras.

Gifts for October birthdays

Birthstone Jewelry is always a perfect gift for friends and family, as it shows you value them both physically and spiritually. Our raw cut gemstone necklaces come on a 16inch or 18inch Sterling Silver Chain, and feature a natural Rose Quartz piece, as well as an information card detailing all the benefits and symbolism of the stone. This makes them a wonderful gift for an October Birthday, to learn about themselves and the love you have for them.

For a more personal touch, our Personalised Initial and Birthstone Necklace will tell the receiver that you thought specifically of them. With a Sterling Silver Chain designed to display both initial and birthstone equally, and a shining faceted cut of Rose Quartz in an elegant setting, this necklace is a perfect gift for an October birthday.

If necklaces don’t appeal to you as a present, we also have our Adjustable Gemstone Ring collection, so you never have to worry about getting the right ring size. These dainty rings feature an oval cut of Rose Quartz, and a delicate imprinted design all around the band. These rings are also perfect for stacking other rings above and below to create a totally unique boho chic look.

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